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Rajasthan Fair and Festival

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Rajasthan...The Land of Celebration Of Life And Worship
Rajasthan is the traditional pervading the entire state. Be it the exuberant celebrations, fair and festivals you will discover that life is a celebration in Rajasthan. The state has its unique festivities interspersed throughout the year, celebrating each season, each legend, each deity …. in fact, each day. Almost every festival has its own flavor with a meaningful identity there are animal fairs, religious fairs and mark the changing seasons. Of course , it is splendid opportunity for the visitor to come close to the life of the Rajasthan.

We can design the Special Fair and Festivals tours to Rajasthan, specially covering Pushkar Cattle, hotel bookings in Pushkar, tented accommodation in Pushkar, transportation in Pushkar beside that our travel itineraries offers lots optional tour to explore Rajasthan and other tourist destination of India.

Nagaur Fair - Nagaur (Jan-Feb.)
Nagaur is one of the most picturesque of Rajput townships. The town is cordoned in by massive ramparts and has to be entered through stately gates. This town is the venue of annual cattle fair. During the four-day festival, cow, bullocks, oxen and camels accompanied by turbaned sellers and eager buyers, throngs the town. Tug-of-war, cocks and bull fights, camel races provide exciting experience to the tourist and villagers, after sunsets a joyous ambience created by fold dances and songs which echo far and wide across the tranquil desert land.

Desert Festival - Jaisalmer (Jan-Feb.)
A spectacular event coinciding with the full moon in the heart of the desert. The rich culture of the region is on display during this three day long festival when city reverberates to the sound of melodies tunes and rhythms.

The famous 'Gair' and 'Fire' dances folk dances, contests, especially the turban tying contest. Interesting competitions including Mr. Desert contest and camel races enliven the festivities. A trip to the Sam sand dunes marks the grand finale, where one can enjoy camel rides and brilliant performances by folk artistes against the backdrop of picturesque dunes.

Pushkar Fair - Ajmer (Oct-Nov.)
Pushkar internationally popular for its colorful cattle fair, Pushkar is an important pilgrimage as well as the venue of Mammoth Cattle Fair. A huge and wonderful cattle fair. Thousands of devotees from all faiths gather to take a dip in the holy lake. Dance, music, gaily-attired folks and various cultural events enhance the fun of the occasion. The most interesting part of the fair is camel races, cattle auction and colorful shops displaying beautiful handicrafts.

Mewar Festival - Udaipur (March-April)
The ceremonial welcome to spring and is dedicated to goddess Parvati. A procession of colourful attired women, carrying images of the goddess to the Gangaur Ghat of the Lake Pichola is major highlight. There is song, dance, processions, devotional music and fireworks where almost everybody participates.

Gangaur Fair - Jaipur (March-April)
A festival of young women to Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. On this occasion young girls dress up in their finery and pray for grooms of their dream. And the married women pray for the long life and happiness of their husbands. This 18-day festival is laced with various activities and culminates in a grand procession marking the arrival of Shiva to escort his bride home.

Elephant Festival - Jaipur (March-April)
One of the most thrilling colourful festival of Holi on majestic elephants. It is worth an exciting experience. This is a great occasion for the visitor to watch several elephant sports and also play this festival of colours. A show is organized with the elephants turning out in their best finery. Playing Holi on these wonderful mammals is unique sight during the festival.

Urs Festival - Ajmer (According To Lunar Calendar)

Urs - commemorating in the memory of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, it is an occasion from 1st to 6th day of the Islamic month of Rajab, when millions of believers come to congregate at the shrine and offer their prayers. All of Ajmer seems to take on a festive air and several programme spring up during this time, it is a major attraction.

Summer Festival - Mt.Abu (June)
The summer season is the time for exuberant festivities in this sylvan retreat of Rajasthan, celebration in the only hill station of Rajasthan; this is the coldest place at this time of the year. Tribal festivities, folk dances, classical music performances amidst the lush surroundings and lovely lakes, make it a memorable event.

Teej Festival - Jaipur (July-August)
Another festival dedicated to women and to mark the advent of Monsoon. processions, women dressed in bright colours and a lot of merriment prevails during Teej. Essentially celebration of a women’s worship to goddess Parvati. It is interesting to watch theme enjoying in groups and at various bazaars, social celebrations with folk music and dances.

Marwar Festival - Jodhpur (October)

Colourful extravaganza celebrating the 'Maand' style of folk music brings out the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthani' rulers. Male and female in traditional robes dances in group in an ambience of folk tunes, recalling majestic past and history of royal Rajasthan. A festival devoted mainly to the music and traditional dance. Folk artistes performing under the full moon bring alive the legends and the folklores of the land. This is a festival that allows the visitor to feel the glorious culture of this Rajputs' state.

Camel Festival - Bikaner (January)

Held in the city renowned for the best riding camels in the world. Gaily caprisoned camels can be seen at this Camel Festival. Event of camel performances, camel races, camel tug war, camel acrobatics, camel dances and camel milking competition are a part of celebrations. An enchanting desert city, which comes alive with music, and dance. It is fast gaining popularity as the visitor finds an opportunity to experience thrill unique camel event.

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