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Elephant Safari Tours
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Elephant Safari

Elephants in India :
ElephantNowadays, Elephant are mostly found in the jungles or wildlife parks of India. Once in a while they are also seen moving around in the streets in search of food, which is a very uncommon sight. This graceful creature is a joy to watch, especially for children. Elephants are considered to be very sacred in India for it plays a key role in Hinduism, the nation's major religion. Ganesh, one of the major Hindu deities, has the head of an elephant.

Elephant Safari in India :
Elephant Safari is one of the most joyful activity to make your trip truly entertaining. People in India ride Elephants since time immemorial. In the earlier days elephants & horses were the means of transportation from one place to other and Rajas & Maharajas too used them to commute between places. Elephants also played a major role both in the wars & peace making in past history of India. This huge creature is still a means of travelling in the remote areas of the jungles for the tourists and adventure lovers.

Elephants are in fact the best means of travelling the remote regions of the dense forest areas. This slow moving creature gives you immense time to look around and see the jungle activity from an advantageous height.

Some of the Places in India Where you can Enjoy The Elephant Safari Most:
Elephant Joy Rides are available near the Amer Fort Jaipur in Rajasthan. Its a sheer pleasure for the tourists to explore this majestic fort from the top of this majestic creature.

Ride the Elephant in the Wilds :
ElephantCorbett National Park : We take you on a 3 to 5 days trip to this amazing park located in the north Indian state of Uttaranchal. Corbett National Park in the state of Uttaranchal is the first & the finest tiger reserve in India. Sprawling in an areas of 201 sq km in one of India's thickest green belt, the park is the home to about 110 tree species, 50 mammals species, 580 bird species and 25 reptile species. With the help of the World Wildlife Fund, Project Tiger was launched in Corbett National Park in 1973. Named after Jim Corbett, the legendary hunter turned wildlife conservationist and naturalist, the park is famous for its large population of tigers, lions and elephants. Tiger tracking is very easy here, and the best way to track the tigers in Corbett is from the top of an elephant.

Kanha National Park & Tiger Reserve : Kanha is the place which inspired the world famous writer Rudyard Kipling to write "The Jungle Book". Kanha National park is known to be the most thickly populated tiger reserve in India. It is believed and found from several surveys that it houses the largest number of tigers in India. Located in thick forest belt of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha is the best place in India to sight tigers in the wilds. Kanha houses 22 species of mammals and 200 species of birds. The core of the Kanha tiger reserve was created in 1974 under project tiger. In addition to the tigers, there are other mammals, birds and reptiles which roam freely amidst the high concentration of Sal and Bamboo forest, rolling grasslands, meandering stream, which stretch to over the 940 km.

If you really want to enjoy tiger tracking in Kanha, then we will suggest you to take an elephant ride, that will not only take you to the remote areas of the park, but also allow you to have close encounters with the fierce creature - tiger.

Bandhavgarh National Park & Tiger Reserve : Set amidst the wooded Vindhyan mountains is the thick forest belt of Bandhavgarh National park and tiger reserve, which is another most well known tiger home in the world. If you are here to track tigers, then Bandhavgarh will never disappoint you for the large population of tiger it shelters. The Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve is also home to several other wild species apart form tigers and its other close relatives. This park also has few other attractions, which are worth visiting. The best way to explore this tiger reserve is on the back of an elephant.

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