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Crafts Museum Delhi

For centuries,indian crafsmen such as potters, weavers, masons and carvers, have created a range of objects for everyday use that are both beautiful and practical. A unique project was started in 1956 to promote indigenous artisans by giving them a place to display their work, and by the early 1980s, over 20,000 objects had been collected. This was the core around which india’s first craft musem developed.


This exquisite veil is the work of the Bhansali tribe in Kutch, Gujarat.Tie-and-dye (bandhini) is done by tying threads around grains to form a pattern, and dyeing the cloth in different colours.


This rare, late 19th-century phallic image (lingua) with a human face (mukha) is made of brass and silver. The third eye and tiny snakeearrings are symbols of Shiva.


The museum’s exhibits are spread over two floors of the complex, divided into separate areas by courtyards that also double up as exhibition spaces. A large open area is used for live art displays by visiting artisans each month, except during the rainy season.


 This shop sells a fine selection of items made by indigenous artisan , including household objects, decorative pieces and textiles.

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