THE LARGE MARKET TOWN Of Almora is the headquarters of the surrounding district. Its curving ridge offers  expansive views of the spectacular Greater Himalayan Range, including peaks such as Trishul and the spectacular Nanda Devi. The cobbled street of Almora’s distinctive bazaar lies above The Mall, where locally crafted tarnta products (hand-beaten copper and brass utensils plated with silver) are on sale.

The town’s trademark confectionery, the hal rnithai, is available here as well. Also of interest are the tall, narrow houses with their delicately carved wooden façades, a hallmark of local architecture. The aistoric Almost Bail , probably one of the few in the country with such picturesque surroundings, once held important political prisoners such as Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. A number of temples dot the landscape; the most popular of these are the Chital Temple and the Udyot chandeshwar Temple. On the western edge of town, Brighton End Corner has fine mountain views.

ENVIRONS: Binsar, 34 km (21 miles) northeast of Almora, at an altitude of 2,412 m (7,913 ft), is a wonderful spot from which to view the mountains. The steep drive up through tangy forests of pine is very pretty, and there is a 13thcentury Shiva Temple set in the forest, just short of the summit. Bageshwar, located 34 km (21 miles) east of Almora, is of great religious significance. This is an impressive complex of over 100 splendidly carved stone temples, dating hack to the 11th century.

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